Pier Paolo Pandolfi


Accomplished cancer researcher

Pier Paolo Pandolfi has built his career on a quest to find a possible cure for cancer. With nearly three decades of experience working in medical research, he has already helped find a cure for a specific kind of leukemia. His research continues to drive therapeutic treatments for other cancers. Pier Paolo is native to Italy, where he completed most of his education. He is still involved in the medical community there and is a Distinguished Honorary Professor of Cancer Genetics & Molecular Biology at the University of Turin. However, he lives in Reno, Nevada, and enjoys having dual citizenship in the United States.

After spending over a decade working as a physician at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Pier Paolo Pandolfi stepped back from the hospital setting to focus on the academic and research spheres. Since then, he has worked with multiple schools, including Harvard Medical School, Cornell University, and currently, the William N. Pennington Cancer Institute. In addition to teaching classes, Pier Paolo has advised numerous graduate and post-doctorate students and has been involved in research. He is cited in over 500 peer-reviewed articles for his work. 

Not only is Pier Paolo Pandolfi published himself, but he also helps publish other medical researchers’ work. He serves on several editorial boards and has been an invited reviewer for numerous other publications.

Thanks to his dedication to his work and his incredible research results, Pier Paolo Pandolfi has earned extensive recognition and multiple awards. These have come from prominent organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, the American Association of Physicians, the Royal College of Physicians of London, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and more. Additionally, he has been appointed to multiple councils and committees and provided keynote presentations at various conferences and other events.

Due to all of these invitations and commitments, Pier Paolo Pandolfi has become a very well-traveled man. He has visited numerous countries across the globe for events and engagements and always loves the opportunity to visit somewhere new. Some of the destinations he has visited include Singapore, Germany, Spain, and Canada. 

When Pier Paolo Pandolfi has free time, there are quite a few activities that he enjoys. At home, he loves literature and classical music. He loves reading new books and appreciating great works from history. Pier Paolo also enjoys getting outside and exploring, especially via sailing and hiking.

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